Our Tips for Using Your Garage for More Than Just Cars

Most people think that a garage is just a place to park your car at night. But when you use your imagination, a garage can become a dedicated space for your DIY projects and much more. If your home is short on storage space or you want a separate area to devote to work or play, installing a garage may be the answer you’re seeking.

At HWS Garages, our goal is to ensure you get the perfect, custom-made garage to meet your needs. We provide affordable service in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, and Durham, NC. Our options include the size, shape, and look of your new garage to make sure you always feel at home. We believe a garage is more than just a place to park your car. A garage provides a flexible space where you can get important work done without giving up comfort or convenience.

What Are Other Uses for My Garage?

Why settle for car storage? Your garage has ample space for work and play. Here are a few ideas of what you could do with your new garage.

Increase Your Storage

Do you often find yourself short on storage space at home? Adding a garage is a perfect choice if you need some extra space. With the right shelving options, you can have an organized way to find anything you need fast. No more digging around for hours looking for holiday decorations. HWS Garages also provides customization options for garages with an extra floor or extra half floor above the main garage more maximum storage.

Home DIY Workshop

Are you a handyman? Getting your work done in the house can be hard and make a mess. Moving your workshop to the garage gives you much more room to spread out and make it your own. If you’re working on cars, a garage workshop also provides a direct line of access to your vehicle. No more walking back and forth every time you need to get a tool.

Home Office

Trying to squeeze an office into your home can mean compromising on a less-than-perfect vision. A garage can be the perfect location for a home office. It provides separation from your home and from distractions. It also gives you ample room to get your work done and provides a dedicated space for all the materials you need.

Home Gym

Are you tired of sacrificing floor space in your house to hold your workout equipment? A garage provides a dedicated, convenient location to get your exercise in. Remove the unsightly clutter of exercise equipment in the home by giving it a separate space in your garage.

Home Theater

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your get-togethers? Making a garage into a home theater gives you some serious advantages when it comes to entertaining your guests. All it takes is mounting a large flat-screen TV, plenty of seating, a good surround-sound system, and a good movie. Bonus points if you add a fridge for drinks.

Mix & Match

The best thing about a garage is that you can do whatever you want with it. Why choose between a dedicated home office and a dedicated workshop when you can combine both? When you choose HWS Garages for your custom garage needs, we can make sure you have the right layout for anything you might want.

Why Stop There?

Don’t feel limited. These are just a few options, but they are far from everything you can do with your new garage. With a little creativity, there is no end to the uses a garage has.

Get started today

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