24’x 36’ One Story Detached Garage

This customer came to us to replace their previous garage that had been damaged by a fallen tree. The first 24’ of the garage had been used for parking their cars and the remaining 12’ was utilized for storing lawn equipment and other tools.

To build off of the aesthetic of their beautiful home, an historic 1930’s-era structure, HWS was able to match the materials for the new garage to the house.

Before we started our building process, the customer demolished the previous garage to leave only the existing slab. From there, upgrades and adjustments that HWS made were:

  • Pouring a new slab on the existing slab with a foundation perimeter outside of where the previous building was sitting.
  • Placing a partition wall 24’ from the front of the garage to separate the parking section from the workshop.

Not only did our customer replace their old garage, they also are now able to enjoy a separation in their garage between the parking area and the tool area for better organization.