Make Summer Enjoyable With a Custom Pool House

make summer enjoyable with a custom pool house

Make Summer Enjoyable With a Custom Pool House

At HWS Garage, we have built so many custom garages over the years for satisfied customers throughout Raleigh, NC. However, many forget that just because “garage” is in our name, it doesn’t mean we’re limited to creating only this kind of structure. In fact, we have had customers in the past get truly creative with the use of their custom garage by using it as a man cave, apartment home, in-law suite, and gaming center.

One of our favorite uses of a custom garage is as a pool house. As we all know, Raleigh summers can definitely be brutal at times, and what better way is there to accompany your beautiful, refreshing pool than with building a pool house nearby?

Unlike your own home that you try to keep tidy and clean, your custom pool house can be a refuge where you and your guests can enjoy a break from the water and sun without trekking all the way through the house. Though our job is to simply create the structure, the sky’s the limit with how you can customize your pool house on your own or with other contractors.

Customize A Pool House To Relax In This Summer

When it comes to creating a pool house, there are no rules for what you should do. It can be as simple as a standard building where you can escape the sun for a while, or as high-end as a resort-style pool house that has air conditioning, entertainment equipment, refrigeration for food and cool beverages, and luxurious couches and lounge chairs.

Once we are done with our part of the project, we can guide you towards local contractors and interior designers in Raleigh that can help make your pool house dreams come true. Now when you have summer parties and barbeques, you can keep all the chaos, mess, and splashing in one single location. You can even add a patio on your own where you can keep a grill or fire pit for those days when all you can think about is cooking up some hot dogs and ending the evening with a campfire and s’mores.

Whatever your ideal pool house may be, we can get you started today. Call HWS Garages to learn more about our process and how we can help.