Garage Storage in Raleigh, NC: What You Should Avoid Storing in Your Garage

garage storage in raleigh, nc: what you should avoid storing in your garage, hws garages

In the bustling city of Raleigh, NC, having a garage can provide much-needed storage space for homeowners. However, only some things are suited for garage storage, given Raleigh’s humid subtropical climate and other regional factors. Here’s a list of items you might want to reconsider keeping in your Raleigh garage:

  1. Wine and Perishables:
    While Raleigh is renowned for its vibrant food scene, your garage is not the place for wine or perishables. The fluctuating temperatures can spoil these goods, impacting their taste and quality.
  2. Paint and Hazardous Materials:
    The heat and humidity of Raleigh can compromise the quality of the paint, causing it to separate or spoil. Similarly, hazardous materials might become even more volatile when stored in less-than-ideal conditions.
  3. Electronics:
    The humidity in Raleigh can be damaging to electronics. Storing devices like TVs, computers, or radios in the garage can shorten their lifespan or render them unusable.
  4. Important Documents:
    Birth certificates, passports, and other essential documents should not be stored in a garage. The humidity and risk of pests, common in Raleigh’s climate, can damage or destroy these irreplaceable papers.
  5. Wood Furniture and Clothing:
    Given Raleigh’s humid conditions, wooden furniture can warp, and clothes are susceptible to mold when stored in a garage. It’s best to keep them in a climate-controlled environment.
  6. Pet Food:
    Storing pet food in your garage can attract pests, particularly in areas like Raleigh, where wildlife is abundant. It’s recommended to keep pet food inside your home in sealed containers.


Raleigh Garages offer an excellent storage solution for many items. However, it’s essential to be selective about what you store in this space. By being mindful of the unique challenges presented by Raleigh’s climate, you can ensure the longevity and safety of your belongings.