Can a Custom Garage Increase Property Value?

If you live in or around the Raleigh area, you know the Triangle has seen a strong sellers’ market lately when it comes to real estate. That’s great for home sellers, but it can also present a downside: more seller advantage equals more sellers, which means more competition and a growing need to make your home stand out and be marketable. Making strategic decisions to set your property apart when it comes time to sell should be on every homeowner’s mind. These decisions need to serve a tri-fold purpose: to give your home an edge, increase your property value, and also be functional and enjoyable for you and your family now. You want to make additions to your property that work in the present but are also adaptable enough to suit buyers in the future. That’s the beauty of a custom garage.

custom garage raleighGarages can be designed a number of ways to serve a number of uses, all centered around complementing your home. HWS Garages has helped homeowners in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, Fuquay-Varina, Apex, Clayton, Smithfield, Sanford, and Chapel Hill bring new life to their property with the addition of custom garages and other unique spaces, increasing their property value and making them more appealing to buyers.

What Are the Options with a Specialty Garage?

If designed and built smartly, specialty garages can offer a broad range of uses and provide additional square footage to your property that’s sure to increase your value. The key is to add space that only works for you but will work for a variety of future buyers. See what options HWS Garages can provide below:

  • Garages with Lofts. Lofts can be used as extra storage space, home offices, home gyms, man caves (or woman caves), playrooms, crafting rooms, home studios, and more.
  • Garages with Apartments. Apartments are commonly used as guest accommodations, in-law suits, or independent living spaces for teens.
  • Garages with Workshops or Pool Houses. These spaces provide substantial function, offering an area to engage in activities best suited for outside.

View our photo gallery for ideas.

What’s Your Idea?

You could say our motto at HWS Garages is “You imagine it, we build it.” Our team is capable of designing and building a range of custom garages and specialty spaces, and we can create them around you and your home. One-story, two-story, detached, attached: you name it, we’ll figure out how to best make it a reality. With our many years of professional experience, we’re able to give you advice and answer your design questions so you end up with a result that benefits you and future homeowners. We’ve built a wide range of home additions that are both functional and attractive as well as compatible with a variety of home styles, so we’re confident we can bring your vision to life.

If you’ve been considering adding a custom garage or specialty space to your property, call HWS Garages today to discuss the possibilities and get started on your value-adding custom build!