What to Do with Your Garage in the New Year

what to do with your garage in the new yearWhat’s the most neglected room in your home? If you’re like most people, it’s probably your garage. You don’t think about it much, but there’s a lot of space out there that’s practically begging to do more than just hold your car — or piles of unused sports and gardening equipment. Make a New Year’s resolution to fix up your garage, and you’ll be amazed how space you can create. Not sure where to start? Try one or more of these garage resolutions on for size.

1. Clean It Out

If your garage is packed to the gills with stuff you don’t need anymore, get rid of it! Choose a warm day to open up that garage door and bring stuff out. As you work, separate your items into categories: keep, toss, and donate. Then follow through on taking care of all those extra items — don’t bring anything you plan to donate or toss back inside. As you put away the things you’ll keep, invest in some new shelves and storage bins to keep things organized.

2. Create Work Stations

Without all the clutter, you should be able to use your garage to work on special projects like gardening, woodworking, and more. Consider your needs, and then decide how you’ll add a workstation to a portion of your garage to store tools and make space for hobbies. Pinterest is full of garage design ideas, or you can consult with local custom garage contractor to get a professional opinion about the best use of your space.

3. Add Light

One of the biggest mistakes in most garage plans is that they include only minimal light. A couple bare bulbs won’t cut it if you plan to use your garage for anything more than storage. Resolve to have an electrician install additional overhead and task lighting to brighten things up. You can also consider adding a dormer to let in more natural light and add architectural interest to your garage.

4. Insulate It

Tired of shivering in the winter and sweating in the summer? Make sure your garage door and walls are insulated. If you have unfinished walls, professional garage builders can insulate and finish the interior with drywall for a fresh, clean look that will also save you money on your utility bills.

5. Imagine the Possibilities

If you’ve ever wished you had more space in your home, don’t forget that your garage is full of potential — just look up. Many people have room to add a useable second story over their garage for a guest apartment, a garage man cave, or a rec room for teens. You can add significant square footage to your home with a custom addition, and it may cost less than you think since the foundation is already in place.

To find out more about how to get the most out of your garage for the coming year, visit HWS Garages online or give them a call at (919) 562-8313. They’re the NC Triangle’s custom garage building experts and have the know-how you need to transform your garage into a whole new space.