Store Your Items For Winter In A Custom Garage

In Raleigh, North Carolina, many of us live for the summer months. From outdoor picnics and boat rides to pool days and sunshine fun, it’s easy to collect a ton of summer-only items that we get used to using almost every week. 

So, what are you supposed to do with all of your fun summer toys when winter hits? Sure, you can cover your pool up and get lawn chairs that fold up super small, but for your other items like outdoor patio furniture, boating and pool equipment, or even your lawn mower, you need a safe storage space where your belongings can be protected from bad weather. 

Your solution? Look no further than HWS Garages! At HWS, we have spent years building custom garages for our very happy customers, and we love nothing more than making your dream garage come to life. 

After all, garages aren’t just for parking vehicles anymore. In addition to storing your winter items safely, your garage can also be a man cave, a workshop – even an apartment for relatives to stay or live in permanently! 

Create Safer, More Reliable Storage In Your Own Home

Though some people choose to rent a storage facility to store their belongings during winter, HWS Garages knows that you deserve more. You deserve a garage that allows you to park your car, work on vehicles, crafts, or equipment, and has plenty more space where you can hang out with friends in a man cave. 

When you customize your garage with HWS, we can help you design it so that you’ll never have to look at your stored items while you’re spending time having fun inside – there will always be plenty of space for you to do whatever you need without worrying about tripping over pool noodles or beach chairs. 

Start dreaming of your perfect garage today and contact HWS Garages at 919-562-8313 for a custom estimate. We know you’ll love our work, and we can’t wait to make your fantasy a reality.